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A business plan should contain the following topics...

Executive summary

This should be written without any technical jargon and will outline your whole business proposal.

Business background

An explanation of the background to your business, what your product or service is, how it may stand out and the key features of the industry.

Markets and competitors

A description of your target market, it's size, trends and characteristics of buyers. What are the competing products. Illustrate your understanding of your competitor.

Sales and marketing

How will you win orders? How long will it take?


This is an outline of the strengths within your team, including skills and commitment.


Indicate the facilities needed, limits on production capacity and supplier selection.

Financial forecasts

Sales forecast by product or type of buyer
Cashflow forecast
Key factors affecting cashflow
Profit and loss forecast
Breakeven point
Comparison of breakeven sales to sales forecast

Financial requirements

How much finance will be needed. What will it be used for.

Assessing the risks

Consider a range of what-if scenarios when things may go wrong.


Forecasts and assumptions, product literature, target customers, research data sources.


Professional production, short but precise.